QD sling cup and sling ring for single point sling (flush or standoff mount)


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Product Overview

Must have a TS stock for this to work

  • 1 Quick Detach sling cups and 1 Quick Detach 360 degree swivel sling rings with hardware to install the cup.
  • This is for doing a single point sling on a hi point
  • Flush mount at back requires some drilling with a 31/64 bit and a 13/32 bit. Uses exisiting through bolt hole and pressed in nut.
  • Be sure to mount it on the side you want to hang from. (see picture) this requires moving the pressed in nut to be moved to the other side. thus the need for the drill bits. Instructions are provided.
  • You can mount it anywhere along the butt stock with the provided hardware, there are 3 spots. Two are shown in the pictures.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review