Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

All shipping is free via standard USPS mail, you will get an email with a tracking number. You buy it we ship it, that simple really. We take almost any credit card. 

 Return policy

99.9999% satisfaction policy. We either replaced it or refund your original money spent. That being said if you do not like it or order the wrong part or size, shipping to swap it out for the right part or for a refund is on your dime.  After all you should know what model gun you own and liking something is subjective. Or if you tear it up, mod it or just set it on fire and dance around it to your gods. Well we do not cover/refund that. We will try our dead level best to make you happy and coming back for more. Please include your original order number when you ship it back and a note stating what it is you want or need. You can also email/call us via the contact us page.

Ship to: James Stephan, PO Box 913234,Sherman TX 75091

 Email and Pictures Policy

We will use your email for my marketing purposes, aka pestering you to buy more stuff. We will not be selling your info, do not know how and do not care to learn. If you send us a picture of your beast all dressed up in our quality parts, it might wind up in our customer gallery or on Facebook which will used to help us sell more parts. You have been warned.