Hi Point FAQ

Hi Point Pistols and carbines are caliber paired. They come in 380,9mm,40,45 and 10mm.

JSARMSCO.com is not associated with the Hi Point companies, we only make and sell parts to improve the Hi Point brand.

Hi Points have a 100% lifetime warranty just call them, they will ask for the serial # so they get the right parts and ship them to you for free.  If there is a major issue they will ask you to ship the entire firearm (take off any after market parts or you might not get them back) and they will fix it or replace it.  That simple.


I bought a used Hi Point Pistol/carbine and it is missing parts etc. how do I fix it? Call Hi point they will send you the broken or missing parts free under the lifetime warranty. They just need the serial number to make sure hey send you the correct parts, free shipping to boot. You can even ship it to them for a free factory reconditioning if you do not have the skills to do the work yourself. You can get the firing pin, firing pin spring and small guide spring. easy as pie.

Will modding my Hi Point void my warranty? Yes and no...Yes if you use Promag mags, and or start cutting bits off and or welding bits on on etc.  No they generally will remove after market parts and put it back to stock if you send it in for repairs, but they will fix it. However if something does void the warranty you can generally buy the part for a few dollars from them, it just will not be free anymore.

Do the mags swap from pistol to carbine?  Yes in the larger cal's, and in the smaller cal's they swap from carbine to pistol but not the small rd count small caliber from pistol to carbine.

My mags seem to be having issues with feeding the beast? New mags are stiff. Clean and oil them and leave them loaded. Depending on the caliber there are some mag tweeks on youtube that are known to work. Polish the feed ramp until it shines.

Are there aftermarket high cap mags? Yes from redball sports (hi point sells them for them) and promag. Promags suck and will void your warranty. However since there is no other high cap mags for the 40 cal I have the promags and they do work in my carbine.  Be aware some of the high cap mags that work in the carbines may not work as well in the pistols or may need an adapter such as the redball mag spacer I sell so it will work in the 9mm pistol. Other options? Yes Thingmeister sells a mag catch you can install to use 1911 mags in the pistols and carbines.

Is there a way to load the mags easier on my thumbs? Yes with a speed loaders that help save your thumbs for that will work on any single stack 9mm or any 40-45 single stack mags. 

Why does my Hi Point rattle like there is something loose inside? That is the counter weight for the drop fire safety, it is normal and should remain in the gun for safety

Are there upgrades for the pistols? Yes I sell a stainless steel guide rods, small compression spring  (reduces trigger pull), Lower pistol rails, top rear sight picatinny rail (fits all models of poly pistols), small tac light and a take down screw. Thingmeister sells custom grips, 1911 mag catch and real metal triggers that are awesome. Just check out all our hi point upgrades at shop all.

What ammo do I use? they are P+ rated so will eat anything. some issues with hollow points, this is usually fixed with polishing the feed ramp or putting your pinky into the camber to feel for a sharp ridge. If a ridge is there at the entrance, you need to file, sand or polish it out.

What should I do to a pistol out the box before I shoot it? Me I would take it down and polish the feed ramp and deburr the trigger linkage. Clean and oil the crap out of it, any thing that rubs or is metal to metal. (most guys like car engine oil or red transmission fluid). I would take down and clean the mags inside and oil them lightly and leave them loaded for 2 weeks. Go shoot it and see if further mods or tweeks are needed. DO NOT MESS WITH THE SEAR OR FIRING PIN. These parts will wear in with time, just clean and oil no filing or sanding. I am a firm believer you should know how your firearm works before you shoot it so you know what to watch out for and how to fix it. Youtube has tons of videos, watch before you tear down and remember the notch in the sear faces the back of the firearm. If you put the sear in the wrong way the gun will not cock properly and act weird.

My trigger pull sucks? First is this your EDC pistol? if so leave it alone it is stiff for a reason. You can deburr the trigger linkage and oil it up, but do not mod, file etc the firing pin or sear. Clean and oil it yes, but no mods. Second is this a range toy? if so you can do the above and replace the sear spring with my small compression spring. BE SURE TO READ AND FOLLOW the warning that comes with it.  This goes for the pistol and the carbine. PS Thingmeister triggers are real metal and awesome but do nothing for trigger pull only looks a feel.

Are there after market parts for the carbines? Yes I sell real aluminum picatinny rails (Various sizes top and bottom), barrel shrouds, large charging handle with bolt, endplate adapters, small compression spring (helps with the trigger pull) stainless steel guide rod (all carbines use the large guide rod) and right-side charging handles (for lefties). Thingmeister triggers are real metal and awesome but do nothing for trigger pull only looks a feel. Just check out all our hi point upgrades at shop all.

Are there after market carbine stocks? Yes ATI sells one for the 380 and 9mm carbine (might need some dremel work might not) looks like a Beretta CX4 Storm when done ( I sell a barrel shroud for that too). High Tower Armory (HTA) sells a bullpup for the carbines. I sell a barrel shroud/ported compensator for the HTA stocks. I sell a AR butt stock adapter and a AR fore end adapter with a MLOK fore end.

What type of rail comes from Hi Point on these carbines? A poly weaver rail on older models that are too flexible for my likingbut the newer carbines have a poly picatinny rail. Still to flexible for my liking so I see real aluminum picatinny rails.

What is the best scope or red dot for the carbine? Me I buy what I can afford and like, so should you but for a red dot I like the Bushnell TRS-25.

My carbine receiver shroud is all messed up, where do I get a new one? Hi Point sells hydro dipped ones that are way cool or you can buy a new black one (free shipping). But I hear a rumor if you sent the shroud to them they will refinish it in painted black. 

Whats the main differences between 9mm and larger cal carbines, besides caliber. The main differences are the receiver is longer on the 40,45,10mm so the receiver shroud is longer by 1 inch thus the overall length is 1 inch longer.  The recoil springs and weight is different also.

Is there a lefty option for the Hi Point Carbine? Yes there are right-side charging handles I sell that are DIY for larger cals (need to mode the receiver shroud) and there no-mod right-side for the 9mm & 380, I sell as well.

I just bough a Hi Point Pistol/Carbine, what do I need to buy next? More Mags and tons of ammo for all the fun you are about to have. Oh and a range member ship or a bulk range card so you can go as often as you can. I bought a bulk range trip card good for 10 lanes\shoots for 50% off regular lane price, more money for ammo.

My target groups are not as tight as I thought they would be, why? Many things to factor in, you could be limp wristing the pistol. Your trigger linkage needs bedurring and oiled to help reduce the factory pull. You need to clean and oil your gun. Your sights are off and need adjusting. Your grip and or stance are wrong. It was windy. Your carbine is tumbling the bullets (rare defective barrel, but it has happened). Your choice of compensator is spanking the bullet causing it to tumble or wobble. Seen this before, remove compensator and see if accuracy improves. You need a steady rest or a tighter sling. Cheap ammo. you are nervous and just need to shoot more and relax. As you can see there are many factors and not all of them are the firearms fault. Keep at it and ask for tips or pointers on the Facebook pages or watch some youtube videos for pointers.

I keep seeing the guys on the Facebook pages saying they got a slamming deal on a hi point, where did they get that deal? Pawn shops, LGS, Armslist.com and GunBroker.  First two require luck and or a good relationship with said owner. Last two require luck and or bidding and luck. Lastly "bought it from a friend who, bought it from a friend who, bought from some gun snobbing fool". (REO Speedwagon) Best advice is keep your eyes open and carry cash.

I am looking for a part/accessory you do not seem to carry, where can I find it?  I am not huge into reselling accessories as margins are tight, best place to look is ebay or amazon for those. Try Hi-pointfirearms.com and .net. Also try Thingmeister.com. Or contact me via the contact me page, if I do not make it or sell it. I might start making it or know who does and point you to them. 

Do your parts fit the new style pistols and carbines?  In short YES!, but be sure to read the part description as it will tell you if it will not fit the new style pistols or carbines. Not all part will fit the new style pistols and carbines but most will.

For more answers and or mod ideas, join any of the many great Facebook Hi Point Groups and or search youtube. There are tons of good videos out there to help you take down and put back together your pistol or carbine.