Full AR furniture kit for Hi Point carbine

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Full AR furniture kit Comes with all the hardware needed to replace the factory fore end and OEM buttstock. Fits 16 inch and 19 inch barrels. You remove 15.25oz and put back on 13.45oz you lose 1.8oz in weight but gain all that MLOK area to put on extra rails and accesories.

  • New reciever top aluminum picatinny Rail with mounting hardware.
  • New aluminum MLOK fore end and installation adapter with mounting hardware.
  • 3D printed fore end cover/stock cap.
  • Comes with the JSARMSCO AR buttstock adapter, AR buffer tube and ARstock. (as seen in the pictures above) 

Miter/Chop saw Recommend to cut off factory fore end. Drywall knife, flat file or sand paper to clean up cut. Comes with complete set of easy to follow instructions.

The AR adapter plate fits all caliber Hi Point carbine models that end in TS. The high quality aluminum end plate allows you to cut the OEM stock and install an adjustable AR collapsible tactical stock. Includes the end plate, a cut guide and a complete set of installation instructions with photos. The end plate has a threaded hole to accept a the included AR buffer tube. The spine of the end plate adds strength as well as a firm way to attach it. The factory hex bolts, press in nuts and holes in the stock are re-used to thread though the end plate thus holding the new end plate firmly in place. 

**Cutting the stock does void the stock warranty on the Hi Point. Replacement stocks can be purchased from Hi Point if ever needed.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review